Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Workshop Detox

It's official Made By Me With Love must have had the worst maintained blog in the world. Well, its time to turn that around. I can't promise daily updates but I am certainly going to try and add a weekly summary of all things Made By Me With Love!
This week I have had a major workshop sort out. I found so many bits I forgot I had and some I don't even remember buying! Its always nice to come across treasures that can be used to make new designs. However, I have so much stuff now it would be impossible to use it all so I have started a new ebay store purely for my surplus jewellery making items. I will update this shop when I can, with new items and findings. If you make you own jewellery and want to get your hands on some kookie little bits, vintage goodies and kitschy treats as well as some staple findings then check out Beads&Bows on ebay.

Lots of people ask me where I get my components and charms from. The answer is I collect! I have always been a collector. It started when I was little. I couldn't bear to throw anything away incase I could use it for something else. I often use bits I kept from my childhood in my vintage cha cha bracelets. Broken jewellery bags from charity shops are perfect for building up your supply box and sometimes highstreet shops sell of their broken bits at reasonable prices. However, I have found the best way to build up your stash is to invest in a drill. As long as you have a drill anything can be turned in to a bead or a charm!

As well as having a workshop detox, I have been a busy bee making some truly gorgeous cha cha bracelets. Made By Me With Love's cha cha bracelets are one of a kind bracelets crammed with new and vintage bits of treasure. They may sometimes have the same theme but no two bracelets are the same. I love making them so much and wish I could keep them all, they are just so lovely to look at and fiddle with on your wrist.

Here are some pictures of my new cha cha's available to buy here

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